Dover Assembly’s Reopening Plan

May 18, 2020

Good morning Dover Church Family,

As you know, York County has been moved into the “yellow” zone. This means certain businesses and establishments are now able to operate on a limited basis.

With the move to yellow, we will begin having church services starting this Sunday, May 24, 2020. Our worship team will be adhering to the 6’ requirement.

We realize that there is still concern so we are adjusting our church services accordingly as outlined below in order to keep to the required 6’ distancing.  You may or may not wear a mask as long as you are distancing from others.

  • We will have 10:30 a.m. worship service.
  • There will be no Coffee & Donut fellowship time but feel free to bring your own coffee if you would like; just please be sure it has a lid
  • There will be no Sunday School classes until further notice.
  • The nurseries will NOT be staffed until further notice; however parents are welcome to take their babies or pre-school child/ren into one of our nurseries if the need arises.
  • There will be no ROCK Children’s Ministry until further notice; however, children are welcome to sit with their immediate families in the worship service.
  • We calculated that if we sit 3 to a row, we meet the 6’ requirement. Since we now have chairs, we can move them as needed. Please refrain from shaking hands or hugging.   Please sit together as a family so we can sufficiently mark off 6 feet (or 6 chairs) between non-family members.
  • Bulletins will be available for each person to pick up on their way in. There will be not greeters passing them out.
  • Offering plates will be at the back of the church. Please drop your gifts in as you enter or leave. Ushers will not be passing around the offering plates.
  • There will be no Wednesday evening Family Night services until further notice.

We understand that the suggested gathering amount is 25. However, churches have always been exempt from the quarantine rules, but rather have been “encouraged” to cancel. (

In our desire to obey the governing authorities and more so, to keep our church family safe, we have agreed to refrain from gathering as a church body. With the move to yellow, which signifies the risk has been decreased, the deacon board and I wanted to make a smooth and limited transition back to having church as a family.  

Please understand that attending church during the yellow phase is voluntary. If you feel uncomfortable, we understand and we invite to watch the service online as we have done these past few weeks. We will continue to stream them as long as needed.

As the weeks progress and conditions change, we will keep you updated on how that will affect our church. 

Thank you all for being so dedicated and encouraging during this difficult time. I know that when we get back to a full normal, we will come back re-energized and recharged to do God’s work!

Pastor Jeff & Anna

& Deacon Board