In 1920, two members of the United Brethren Congregation at Rohler’s Union Church, having heard about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, traveled to Stone Church in Chicago. It was there that the two, Charles and Elmer Crone, received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

In October of 1920, an evangelist named Eli Depriest came and held a meeting at Rohler’s Union Church. Many people came to these meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, witnessing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. By Saturday of the first week, the host church officials had a change of attitude concerning the use of their church for these teachings. On Sunday evening, the regular worshippers were padlocked out of the church.

Original church on Benedict’s Road (as it is today)

Prayer meetings were held in homes throughout the area during the fall and winter months.

In 1930, Rev. & Mrs. Charles Crone placed a tent in Rossville for a few months to hold evangelistic meetings. The church became organized in 1930. People filled the tent and many stood outside. When the weather became colder, they needed a church in which to worship. Clarence Harlacker donated land on Benedicts Rd (now Detter’s Mill Rd) in Warrington Township.

In 1932 a church was built on this land. It was known as The Warrington Full Gospel Church as well as The Wellsville Full Gospel Church. The building has since been converted to a residence.

In 1940, the church was established as Dover Assembly of God and Rev. Charles Crone became the first pastor.

Original church & parsonage on Carlisle Road, circa 1951

In 1943, the pastor and members decided to relocate along the “hard road” (now known as Carlisle Rd or Route 74) in Dover Township. In 1943, a new church was erected at 4790 Carlisle Rd and a parsonage was added in 1949.

The church building which was attached to the parsonage was replaced in 1974 under the leadership of Rev. James Murray.

The mortgage for this church was burned in 1989 after the debt was satisfied.

In 1995, God provided additional land to purchase along Harmony Grove Rd, adjacent to the church.


Rev. Charles Crone (1930-1944)
Rev. Arthur Hardt (1944-1945)
Rev. James Gordan (1945-1949)
Rev. Forrest Nelson (1949–1953)
Rev. William Berringer (1953-1956)
Rev. Henry Shaffer (1956-1958)
Rev. Kenneth Clark (Feb-Dec 1958)
Rev. John Beamer (1959-1966)
Rev. James Murray (1966-1977)
Rev. Herbert Wireback (1977-1989)
Rev. Timothy Imes (1989-2002)
Rev. David Sproull (2002-2006)
Rev. Jeffrey Bender (2007-Present)

History of Dover Assembly compiled by Mr. Richard (Dick) Sweitzer