Adult Bible Study

Our Adult Bible Study, taught by Pastor Jeff Bender, meets each Wednesday at 6:30PM.

We have begun studying the book “Soul Detox-Clean Living in a Contaminated World.” As the title suggests, we will delve into topics such as overcoming toxic emotions and behaviors and we will discover how God’s transforming power can take us to clean, pure and focused living.

Women of Purpose

Our Women’s ministry goes out to dinner monthly, as well as meeting for various other events.

Women’s Committee: Anna Bender, Deborah Dobbins, Darlene Fearson, Naomi Gelsinger, & Donna Schott

Honorbound Men's Ministry

The men of Dover Assembly have a vision for our church.  We want to reach more men for Jesus.  We want to bring together men from other churches for the purpose of breaking down barriers and walls between different organizations.  This can be accomplished by having men’s rallies, dinners, and breakfasts at larger church buildings, inter-church events such as deep-sea fishing, baseball games, bowling, camping, field days, even door-to-door outreaches to unsaved men and boys.

Our men meet monthly for either breakfast on Saturday or dinner on Thursday night. Please see the bulletin or join the Facebook group for complete details about their monthly meetings.

Advisor: Pastor Jeff Bender
Coordinator: Carl Dobbins

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