God longs to have a relationship with us, and desperately wants to adopt us into His family. Not only does God want to have a relationship, He is always reaching out to us hoping that we’ll be looking for Him too. Watch the videos shown during today’s sermon: This Week’s Notes:

I Dream Of A Church…

What is your dream for our church? This week, Pastor Jeff outlined several dreams for our church, which all happen to be what God has ordained us to be. With God’s help, we can accomplish anything, even that which seems impossible in the natural. This Week’s Notes:


We can always have hope, despite what is going on in our lives. As we wrap up this year’s Week of Prayer, that focused on praying with confidence, Pastor Jeff discussed each day’s prayer point and the favorable and confident expectation of good they should help to bring to our lives. This Week’s Notes:

I Commit To…

At the beginning of the year, people typically examine themselves and make resolutions of what they hope to do better in the new year. With that in mind, Pastor Jeff shares a few resolutions for the church that will help us to be more effective representatives of Christ here on earth. This Week’s Notes:

The Call of Christmas – Zechariah

Believing God for a miracle? Take notes from Zechariah and continue along with life and keep trusting God to work. Because of their faithfulness, Zechariah and Elizabeth were blessed with a baby who would go on to bless others in his lifetime. Video Shown During the Sermon: This Week’s Notes:

The Call of Christmas – Mary

In an instant, Mary’s whole life changed drastically when the angel came to visit her. God’s plan took priority as Mary agreed to be His servant, even though it didn’t seem possible in the natural. Nothing is impossible with God! Video Shown During the Sermon: This Week’s Notes: